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Contributor II

Qlik Sense Business: session time out is preventing data upload

I am trying to load data in the editor in Qlik Sense Business, but after about 20 minutes every time the upload fails due to a "session timed out" message.
After removing a large portion of our files and tables from the load editor and getting my load time under 20 minutes, the upload worked. This shows the issue is not on my end, and leaves me with a serious problem as I cannot upload all of our data.
Is there a 20 minute limit on data load in the load editor? I have seen posts in the Qlik community talking about editing this in the QMC and something to do with proxies, but Qlik Sense Business is a cloud product and as far as I know does not have access to those settings. What are my options?

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I have the same problem with Qlik Sense Business.

I also found the same threads referenced by Dan_54S in the Qlik Community about QMC and proxy settings here, and agree that I cannot see any settings like this for Qlik Sense Business. I also found suggestions to do with browser TCP KeepAlive settings here and tried the Chrome browser extension StayingAlive (pointing it to my ###.##.qlikcloud.com tenant address) but after 20 minutes during the data load the session still timed out and aborted.

To see if it was browser-related I have tried different browsers (Chrome & Firefox), but same "session timed out" message after 20 minutes too.

Hoping to hear what can be done about this!