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Contributor II

Qlik Sense May 2023 Does not showing Common Database Connectors

We have installed qlik sense may 2023, but it has issue, first it does not show show common database like MSSQL , ORACLE, MY-SQL,... connectors and second it's take long time to load data editor. When we removed QvOdbcConnectorPackage it work fine, but still missing common connector.

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Hello @jamshed ,

If there is a problematic connector it may cause the data connections pane to take a long time to load.  You may want to try to isolate this by removing any connectors that you do not need, or reviewing the internet access policy on the server. 

See the following for details: 

Once you have isolated the issue the data connections should load normally.  If you are missing any connectors, check that they are present in the Custom Data folder you referenced and reinstall the connector package if necessary.   Hope that helps!

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