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Qlik Sense SaaS - Extracting Sheet Names from an Excel file

We receive a regular dataset in Excel format which frequently has new sheets added.  The actual Sheet Names are critical in terms of the category they contain.  Each sheet has an identical structure.

How can I automatically extract a list of Sheet Names from an Excel document in Qlik Sense SaaS so I can then use them to generate a FOR EACH loop using those Sheet Names?

My Excel documents are located in Sharepoint, so I am using the Sharepoint Connector to extract them.  The Sharepoint Connector displays the Sheet Names in the dialog, so the API functionality for extracting Sheet Names is already present to a degree, but this requires either manually connecting to the file each time it is updated, or manually entering any new sheet names in my FOR EACH loop. 

How can I automate this so the first step after connecting to the file using the Sharepoint Connector (or some other option if available in SaaS) is to extract and list the Sheet Names contained within each Excel file so I can use them in a variable, for example?

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Did you ever get a solution to this?