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Creator II
Creator II

QlikSense REST Connector Post Method (into the script) using JSON

Hi Team,

I am also facing same kind of issue where dynamically changing the values from script using variable as follows.

if i am passing the values as character and number into the variable(vtokenvalue ) the script working fine, while passing the value like (?Hu7?$(\"e) getting the error from attached screen.

Please suggested me to resolve this issues.

Please find attached sample script for reference.

LET vtokenvalue ='?Ax6?$(\"e';
LET vRequestBody = '{"Name":"Ravindra", "address":"$(vtokenvalue)"}';
LET vRequest=Replace(vRequestBody,'"',Chr(34)&Chr(34));
LIB CONNECT TO 'Rest_Json_Test (cb_npgmr05)';
FROM JSON (wrap on) "root"

WITH CONNECTION (HTTPHEADER "Content-Type" "application/json;charset=utf-8",
HTTPHEADER "Accept" "text/plain",
BODY "$(vRequest)");

LOAD [Name] AS [Name],
[address] AS [address],
[id] AS [id],
[createdAt] AS [createdAt]
RESIDENT RestConnectorMasterTable;
DROP TABLE RestConnectorMasterTable;

Thanks in Advance!!

Thanks & Regards,

Khasimvali Shaik

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Creator III
Creator III


The "$(" part in your API token seems to trigger a dollar sign expansion. There is no way to prevent Qlik engine from evaluating dollar sign expansion as far as I'm aware of. You may consider generating another token.


Vu Nguyen