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Contributor II
Contributor II

Qlikview REST Connector not unpacking JSON files correctly

Hi Guys, 

I'm trying to download data from a 3rd party's API. It's a deep nested JSON file and they use pagination. My connection string specifies for it to generate unique keys, however, for some elements at the same level (several levels down), it seems to be re-using the same unique key when it should be using different ones for each entry. This means that when I denormalise, it's effectively creating an outer join rather than an inner join, hence duplicating data. 

I've attached images of excerpts of 1) the data spec from the 3rd party and 2) the data structure produced by the Qlikview Rest Connector 3) the resulting data - which should have 3 rows i.e. one row in yellow, one in blue and one in orange, rather than 9 rows. it's the KEY_Timing that seems to be the issue. 

I'm not clear whether this is a fault with Qlik or with the 3rd party Schema.

Has anyone experienced similar or is there a known bug? 

Is anyone aware of a way to get round this?  

Any help gratefully received.  



Many thanks


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