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Contributor II
Contributor II

REST connector -> multlingual columns

I've made an API service for our product which for now I'll use since a custom connector isn't ready yet. The api now passes data like:

        "DataProcessing Activity #": 391,
        "DataProcessing Activity Active": true

What is import here is that the column names are dynamic, configured in the source application. Also it is multilingual. Now what is the best way to make it so that Qlik can show these column in the user defined language? Now I can pass the language to the API and it returns column names in that language.

The goal is:

Be able to make the charts once, and have a parameter 'language' for the column names without the need of lots of script editing in Qlik.


I understand I can give names like 'iId', 'strType' and then do something in the script. But we need to remember the names are dynamic in the source and we want to reuse those. I can make an API request to return all those names. I can also return the columns as array of names. Can Qlik charts be made to work with/store column positions (they won't change and new is always added to the end) instead of column names/aliases?


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