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SAP BI Infoprovider Connector

Hi all

Hoping someone can help me - I am using the SAP Infoprovider connector to extract data from a composite provider. All was working well until one day the extractor started throwing out an error. I ran it manually, and it runs fine for a few million rows, then throws out an error:

"The following error occurred:

RFCABAPException: Job Cancelled

Job aborted, check log for Job /QTQVC/READ_MPDATA

in Job Overview"

I then tried commenting out certain fields, and it runs fine, except when I comment in the value fields.

I queried with the SAP team, and they have indicated that it is an overflow error related to the field, which means that the initial length assigned to the field is too small. 

I cannot find anywhere on the connector properties where I can set the max length of the field.  I checked the last extract that ran successfully, and the max length I was able to successfully extract is 15 characters, but the SAP team is pointing to entries that now have 16 characters, and seem to believe that this is the problem. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to resolve this ? 

I am using SAP Connector version 7.0.3

Thanks in advance for any suggestions



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