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Scheduled extract from the database vs Manual extract .. on Qlik Sense Server


Maybe someone could point me in the right direction...

We have an app and a load script that takes data from the Database and stores it in a number of QVDs on the Central node ( on a VM).

If I extract data from our Database through a manual load ( Load Data button from the load script), it takes about 10 min ( a lot of data to fetch). The manual Load is performed on the Central node.

If I do a task to run the same load script , it take hours. The task is done on the Scheduler Node ( VM).

The database drivers ( for DB2) are identical on both Central and Scheduler, the query generated is the same, the version of the DB2 client is the same, the ODBC connections is the same.

We've look all over the place and our best hunch was that it has something to do with the traffic between different VMs..but someone investigated that and he said it look ok on that side.


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