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After Upgrade February 20021 Patch6 the System got slow


We upgraded our Dev, Test and Prod farms with #February 2021 Patch6 few days ago. However after the upgrading the Hub slowly open. The same slowness happens in the visualization of apps in the streams and in the opening of Apps, the system remains white for some seconds (10-15) before show loading messag

Thanks you

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Could you help us with providing more info on the environment you are running QlikSense?

Basically upgrading version gives you more advantage with increased performance and also new additions or features so we have to cosider the configuration and the environment you are using to address such performance issues.

Is this a single/mulinode?

Have you found any erros from logs or windows event logs which you can share with us. Also make sure you followed the system requirements with the environments and software versions. You need to run dedicated server for QlikSense with no other third-party softwares installed.


Best Regards

Sooraj Suresh 


Hi Sooraj,

thank you for your Answer, here futher information:

- the prod farm has 12 nodes

- No third party software runs on the servers

- The OS is Windows 2012 sr2

- Before the upgrading to February 2021,we have not had problems with Hub opening or the visualizationog Immages of Apps.

- After the upgrading to new version: Hub slowly open, Icons of streams appear after some seconds, Apps immage slowly appear and the time from click on the app and the visualization of Loading message has increased (more then 10 seconds)