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Contributor III
Contributor III

Application is not being updated after QMC reload

Hello community,

We have an issue in our server and we are not being capable to figure out what's going on: We have one app that is not really that heavy ( around 200 Mb)  and has many users accessing to it (lets say more than 300) 

It reloads more than 2 times a day (The data is updated daily at different times from different sources)  and sometimes (for whatever reason we couldn't figure out) the tasks finishes ok on the QMC, and the label on the APP says that is has been reloaded, however the actual data on the app is outdated: the numbers that appear on the charts and all the visualizations don't have any data from the last update. It's like if the last reload task had never run in the first place.

We've checked the logs on the tasks, there seem to be no errors over there. 

If we have another version of the app, and we reload it in our work area, it's ok and the data is updated. Even the source QVDs have all the data up to date. If we republish overwriting the stale qvf on the stream, however, the data will not be updated on that application. 

Right now our only solution is reload a backup of the app and republish it on the same stream, but as a different app, telling our users to access to a new URL (since the app id is different)

Does anyone has any idea why this could be happening? 


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