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Partner - Specialist

Automatically Deallocating Tokens in Qlik Sense

I have a Qlik Sense server 3.0 deployment on a VM using active directory to manage the users. Does anyone know if it is possible to set a timer so that Access Pass are automatically deallocated a certain time period after they are first created?

For example, I create a user and assign them an access pass and then 14 days later that access pass is deallocated automatically.

I couldn't find anything in the QMC, but maybe someone has found a solution using the API or SDK packages?

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Hi Tim!

I have a similar issue. Did you get solve the problem?

Thanks in advance


Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

No, I don't believe it is possible to automatically assign / deallocate tokens at this time. I have checked in their API, too and it doesn't look like it has the capability to even design a custom solution.

Looks like this is going to be a manual process for now.


This is not currently possible.  Qlik has a waiting period before a token becomes available again in order to prevent people from getting around the licensing model. 


Try using API like below:

Get a list of license allocation IDs:

GET /qrs/license/useraccesstype/full

Delete a specific license:

DELETE /qrs/license/useraccesstype/{IDfromAbove}


If you want to remove a cal from a user, you can use the QMS API in QlikView to deallocate the cal.  Keep in mind that deallocating the cal does not make it automatically available again.  There is a 24 hour quarantine with QlikView 11.2 and a 7 day quarantine with QlikView 12 before the cal is allowed to be reallocated.

Definitely, do not attempt to modify pgo files.

To my knowledge there is no sample code for performing this activity.  Here is the link to the QMS API: QlikView Management API - Getting Started and Examples

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Super easy to create a task using python & the qrspy libary:


import qrspy

# Connect to server (could also use certificates if preferred)
qrs = qrspy.ConnectQlik(server='',credential='', password='')

# Check connection:

# Get active logins
logins = qrs.get_useraccesstype()

# Loop over logins, delete access for i in logins: print(i['id']) qrs.delete_useraccesstype(i['id'])