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Can't find imported app in the QMC

Hi All,

I have 7 application stored in a shared folder that appear in the QMC:


I have checked these apps (their ID) and I can see that these 7 apps are the one stored under the folder app in the shared folder:



Now, I have another server and I want to replace the apps that exists (the 7 apps) with all the apps of this second server.

What I've done is that I replaced the 4 subfolders (Apps, ArchivedLogs,CustomerData and StaticContent) with the 4 folders I want to import.

So now, I have in this server, the 4 subfolders of the 2nd server.

I thought, that with this, I'll have the 50 apps I've just imported appearing in the QMC but they do not !!

I still see the 7 old apps !

I even restared the services but in vain ! nothing have changed !

I have a single node installation with the sense feb 2018 installation !

Any idea on why is this the case and how to fix it please?

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Qlik Sense is not like Qlikview, just moving the apps folder will allow you see the app in the QMC. Nope. You need to import the apps within the QMC so this will be recorded in the Database, just having the binaries ( the stuff inside the apps folders), won't be registered in the QMC, as result, you won't see the apps.  Now if you interested on migrating apps from environment A to B, there is a solution ( unfortunately, not supported by product support, in case you running with issues) that some organization are using and it is working perfectly for them. 


The app mover:

Note! I am not clear if this is supported in the latest versions of Qlik Sense. 

Giuseppe Novello
Principal Technical Support Engineer @ Qlik