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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Connect or Combination Qlik Sense Cloud Business with Qlik Sense Enterprise users

Hi all!

I have a great doubt, after searching the forum i could not find an answer, so i open a new query.

Suppose that in my company, i want to have a user that makes developments in Qlik Sense Enterprise. On the other hand, i need 30 people to use that information created and interact with it, but anyway, just see it. So; is there a pissibility that my developer user uses a Qlik Sense Enterprise Professional suscription, but the rest uses Qlik Sense Cloud Business suscriptions?

Or is it necessary thata visualizers must acquire yes or yes Qlik Sense Enterprise Analyzer?


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Hi @jbevilacqua,

As a Qlik Partner, you can also reach out directly with your Partner Manager who can further discuss about the different Qlik Sense products that fits well for your requirements. Otherwise, you can review each Qlik Sense products here - where Data Sheet, Architecture & Scalability etc. are all provided.