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Frequent "Connection Lost"

We are experiencing frequent connection loss to QlikSense server.  If we work locally (from within the company) there is no problem.

When working from outside, a popup window with the following message appears:

"Connection lost: Make sure that Qlik Sense is running properly.

If your session has timed out due to incativity, refresh to continue working."

We have set the session timeout in QlikSense Server to 30 minutes. But the connection lost happens after a minute.

In the developer console of ChromeBrowser, we can see the following entry:

Error from Engine:" error {target:WebSocket, isTrusted : true, currentTarget : WebSocket,eventPhrase : 2 bubbles : false, cancelable : false, defaultPreveted : false, timestamp :1433922, orignalTarget : WebSocket, explicitOriginalTarget : WebSocket, NONE : 0 }

The connection to wss://xxxxxx.com/resources/app/a4bdfb1b-71f2-42fc-83f2-53f4f7a...?reloadUri=https://xxxx.com-sense-app-a4bdfb1b-..../sheet/UCbAB/state/analysis was interrrupted while the page was loading.

Has someone discovered something similar before? What could be the problem?

22 Replies
Creator II
Creator II

This is about QS server. Is there any hint to solve it on QS desktop?

Contributor III
Contributor III

This Qlik Support Video finally seems to solve the "Connection Lost" problems for us. Thanks @mbrion23  !

Contributor II
Contributor II

We use AWS also and this solution hepled us. Thank you!