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HTTP 404 when accessing the QS Hub and QMC

I am using Qlik Sense Server April 2018. I cannot access the URLs of both Qlik Sense hub and Qlik Management Console any more. I am getting an HTTP 404 error.

  • I restarted all the QS services and rebooted my machine, but the error does not disappear.
  • I removed and restored the certificates
  • I did a repair install of Qlik Sense 2018

Nothing helped, the problem still persists.

In the proxy logs I see the error message:

"The remote server returned an error: (503) Server not available"

I am experiencing this error since I had to reinstall VMWare Workstation yesterday due to an error. I am wondering if the installation of VMWare Workstation changed anything in my network settings that cause Qlik Sense to not work any more.

Anybody knows how to fix this error?

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I figured out in the meantime that the reason for the failure are two processes that use port 80 and 443. Port 80 was blocked by a process called MS SQL Server Reporting Service. And port 443 was blocked by VMWare Workstation Server, the web server component that allows accessing VMs externally via https.

Both processes can be disabled or changed to use a different port.

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Helga

Check this article, I hope that will be helpful for you.

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. while accessing from web Qliksense