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Contributor II

How to change root folder path in shared persistence QlikSense 3.2 site.

Hello friends, this is my first question here, as I am new to QlikSense... I have configured QlikSense site earlier - production and failover site... however the shared root path was used incorrectly , and later we desided to move to different path however I do not have any clue about how to change the root folder now.. as the root folder is grayed out when look at in the QMC.

Could you pleaes help me here on how to proceed changing the root folder now?

Thank you very much for your suggestions and help.

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Champion III
Champion III

That is a very good question and I would advise caution by initially seeking the advice of Qlik via your support contract.

If you guess and it all breaks, then you would probably have to contact them anyway for them to help mend it.  So a pre-emptive call before could save you & them much grief.



There are 2 options to make a root folder change in Shared Persistence systems:

Option 1 (This option makes sense if your defined root path contains drive letter reference. Example : \\SERVER\C$\SHAREDFOLDER and you want to use a different drive):

1. Stop all Qlik Sense services except Qlik Sense Repository Database.

2. Under C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\PostgreSQL\9.6\bin folder there is an executable called PgAdmin3. Run this to connect Qlik Sense Repository Database. Please note that Qlik Sense Database is using port 4432 rather than the default Postgresql port 5532.

3.  Once you connect, proceed to Databases -> QSR -> Schemas - > public -> Tables and find the table called ServiceClusterSettingsSharedPersistenceProperties

4. Make appropriate changes in the below fields to define new folder paths.

  • RootFolder
  • AppFolder
  • StaticContentRootFolder
  • Connector32RootFolder
  • Connector64RootFolder
  • ArchivedLogsRootFolder

5. Copy all previous folder content into the new one.

6. Start all Qlik Sense services.

Option 2 (This option makes sense if your defined root path does not contains drive letter reference. Example: \\SERVER\SHAREDFOLDER):

1. Stop all Qlik Sense services.

2. Unshare your shared folder using Windows share options in the folder properties.

3. Create a new folder to be used for root folder where you want to use but make its name same as the previous one.

4. Share this folder now and make sure that UNC path is exactly the same as the previous one.

5. Copy all previous folder content into the new one.

6. Start all Qlik Sense services.



I also tried to modify these entries in QSR Database, but not only in this table.

you also have to verify or !make appropriate changes  in 3 other tables :

  • DataConnections.Connectionstring where DataConnections.Name = AttachedFiles and where DataConnections.Name = ArchivedLogsFolder
  • EngineServiceSettings.DocumentDirectory where  EngineServiceSettings.TableFilesDirectory = C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Apps.
  • RepositoryServiceSettings.AppImportFolder

Now I am able to import Apps without problems.




The best way to update shared folders paths is by using the QlikSenseUtil.exe tool located in C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Util\QlikSenseUtil

Instructions are available on the Support Portal => Knowledge section.

Direct link to the article 000045909:




Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks a Lot !

Informação muito útil.


Thank you very much , this solved my issue . I have network path and option 2 is working fine with me