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Contributor II
Contributor II

Import users from Excel with name same to previous user directory

Hi All,

We are building a new server and instead of restoring the data from old server we decided to create users/streams/connections as needed. We have AD LDAP UDC  through which we sync the users. This works fine.

Coming to the problem, I was thinking of deleting the AD LDAP UDC and  importing users via Excel UDC for the first time and then switch off/delete the excel UDC and add back the AD LDAP  for syncing.  Since the User Directory cannot be same for 2 connectors at the same time I was thinking of one by one sync approach.

Essentially the approach I am trying to adopt is import users for user directory say 'ABC' via excel and then delete the excel udc and turn the sync on from AD LDAP udc for user directory 'ABC'. Will this work fine? I think it should.

I know that AD LDAP filter can be one approach however it is little risky if someone is not careful with the filter it can lock out everyone from the system

I only have 2 servers so don't have playground to try this on a server hence I though of asking to this group if someone has ran in to such issues.

Any help or feedback would be appreciated.




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