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Impossible to import qvf file on Qlikcloud

Dear community,

I'm unable to upload on Qlikcloud my QVF file. I load the data with Qlik Desktop and then I upload the file on Qlikcloud. However, I have an error message at the end when I have 100%. "Failed to load files: 1"

When I go on Qlik Sense Desktop, I'm able to open the dashboard but I'm unable to import the QVF file on Qlikcloud. 

I tried with WI-FI and mobile network (4G) and I still have the same error message. I also tried with an other computer and with Safari, Chrome, and Mozilla but I still have the same problem. 

Can you help me please?



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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Hi Sacha, 

I am not sure if you resolved the issue. I remember a few months back I had a similar issue. To overcome the error I had to upload a empty qvf and reload it after been uploaded. It was a bit of a pain but once this process was complete, it works fine. I am not sure if it is a size issue. 

Hope you come right.