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Creator III
Creator III

PostgreSQL query to see users and apps they have access to

Hi everyone,

I'm working on developing a new security rules set for my Qlik Sense environment and wanted to get a list of users and apps they currently have access to. I tried using Audit section of QMC, but it doesn't give me exactly what I need. I would like to get a table with the following columns:

  • User ID
  • Stream Name
  • App Name
  • Sheet Name
  • User Access Privilege

I have access to PostgreSQL and I dug through tables of public schema that's in QSR database and found Users, Streams, Apps and AppObjects tables so I can get Stream Name, App Name, Sheet Name and a list of users, but I'm struggling to find a way to connect users to apps they have visibility into as well types of privileges they have for each app.

Does anyone have a query handy that I can use for that? Or maybe not the query, but if you can point me to at least the right database and table(s) that I can read from to get list of users and apps they have access to, that'll be helpful as well.

Thanks in advance!

Mikhail B.

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