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Contributor III

Qlik Objects disappearing after some time (random) of inactivity in Mashup

We are experiencing that the qlik objects are disappearing after some random time of inactivity. Sometime it is disapperaing in 10-15 mins and sometime it is upto 10 mins. And we noticed that the websocket connection is disconnected when we experice the vanish issue. I got this article from qlik - to set a websocket keep alive ping time, but still we are getting the same issue. Please note that, i have setup the qlik session timeout also in qmc under Virtual Proxy > session inactivity timeout (in Minutes) to 1 hour. Is there anything specifc setting required for websocket timeout? Any help would be really appriciated.
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It's important to note that the article you mentioned ( helps only if the issue is the websocket timing out due to inactivity. Otherwise, you've set what you need to with the VP session timeout. So, the next thing to check would be any other pieces of networking equipment between the Qlik server and the browser. 

You can also use the websocket connectivity tester ( to help determine at what level the websocket becomes disconnected, which may help in further troubleshooting.