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Qlik Sense Desktop Shortcuts are not working on built by installation setup

Hi team,


We have been running Qlik Sense 2021 Aug version and then we  migrated our Qlik site to new server Nov 2023.

First We install Qlik Sense 2021 Aug version, restore backup, upgrade to Qlik Sense Nov 2023 version. 

There are two shortcuts on Desktop Qlik Sense QMC and Qlik Sense hub, when we are opining Qlik by these short cuts , it opens this link and authentication fails or I can say authetication doesn't work with this link.


When we load https://clientorgname-dev/hub, it works fine and accept the user credentails.


Can anyone help me why default desktop shortcuts are not working ? and how to fix them?

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This You can close as this is duplicate, Qlik Sense is not opening by Shortcuts on Desktop ... - Qlik Community - 2159962

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