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Qlik Sense Log Collector

Hi All, 
Does anyone know if there are any command line options for the Qlik Sense Log Collector?  It can be pretty tedious to run the application on a large multi node environment , looking for options to automate the process of the log collector.   Any info would be appreciated.


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I am not aware of one which is built out to run in all environments. Part of the difficulty for delivering this type of solution is that where the Archived Logs are stored is not determinable without an API call to QRS which means an EXE which decreases efficiency with frequent use.

Practically if you'd like to script your own then the following elements are needed:

  1. Input of a date criteria (dates between or X days back)
  2. Robocopy from a statically defined Share path and potentially archived path with the date(s) passed as params for MIN/MAX AGE
  3. Copy from the active logs using potentially admin shares
  4. Copy the Application and System EVTX files from C:\Windows\System32\winevt\Logs locally from each RIM

Those 4 get you 99% of things.

As a reference project which does an element of this: https://community.qlik.com/t5/Qlik-Sense-Enterprise-Documents/Qlik-Sense-Log-Archiver-Eraser/ta-p/14...

Hope others have something built out or this is a pointer in the right location.