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Qlik Sense Multi-nodes site guidance

Hi all,

I want to have a multi-node site. The demand is as follow:

1) One server for administration, QMC, handling autorisations, doing reloads, etc.

2) A second server to just CONSUME and Develop new Apps; the users will only have access to the HUB within this server.

What should I do? How should I proceed?

Will the first server be a master one? What should it have as services?

What services should exist in the second one? to only consume and develop apps? (the apps should be reloaded in the first server)

I hope my question is clear enough.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hello!, thanks for your answer!

when you say:

- You need two virtual proxies:

 - the default on serving /hub and /qmc - connect this to consumer 1 and consumer 2 engines

what about primary and secondary? should i leave the default proxies created when you add the node?

 - /dev - connect to dev node

can i put this on default one?



We will need to implement an external load blancer, it feels like the right path to follow.




Hi, it is tough for me to understand the question.  I would note the different between a Proxy and a Virtual Proxy.  There is always only one Proxy on a Node, and then you link one or more Virtual Proxies to that Proxy.

You should never delete the virtual proxy that is created during installation.  You can send users through that default virtual proxy, or you can create entirely separate virtual proxies for the users.  your choice.

/dev - no.  you need a separate virtual proxy for this as it is at the virtual proxy level that you connect nodes.