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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Qlik sense load testing with jmeter: monitoring apps don't track events

Hi everyone,

we are trying to perform load testing of an app (Qlik Sense Feb 2020) using JMeter.

In order to do so, we configured a virtual proxy with header authentication, we recorded a navigation using BlazeMeter and we wanted to perform a test with 150 users.
After that we wanted to retrieve some data from the monitoring apps, however we noticed that while the license monitor registers the fact that the users do log-in, it seems to not track any sort of activity.

Did anyone encounter such an issue? Any suggestion on how to solve it?
Thanks a lot


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What activity are you expecting? In validating against one of my team's load test environments, I am seeing registered license use by various load test scenarios. Ultimately the License Monitor will register license use so it's not particularly clear what you are trying to monitor.

Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II


thanks for the prompt reply.
For what concerns the license monitor we were expecting to see the "Apps" column, in the User License Session Summary table, to be different from 0 for the users that we were using for the test.
However we were mostly focusing on the operation monitor were nothing seems to be tracked.