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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

QlikSense Rollback failover

Hi Dear Qlik Community

We have a client with several environments (UAT, PRD and QAS) with QlikSense Enterpresie Client Managed installed, all environments have at least two nodes (a central and one or more RIM), on the QAS environment we have implemented the failover option, having the DB in an additional Postgres server and the Shared Folder (Service Cluster) in a file server, It has happened to us (as expected) that when the central node is down (for more than 10 minutes) the RIM node assumes the role of being the central node, a situation that is fine, however the failure presented in the central node can be repaired by restoring the central node.

Based on the above, the question is: Is there any automatic way to restore the configuration to its initial state? That is to say that the central remains the central and the RIM the RIM, in the two times that we have had to do this manually, changing the database configuration nodes and node roles, removing the RIM node and adding it back, which involves the uninstall and reinstall QlikSense in the RIM node, reconfigure the RIM node (Load Balancing, White list, load balancing rules, ...).

Thank you for your attention and kind reply.

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Creator III
Creator III

Hi @marcos_herrera,

It is possible to use the QRS REST API's to manually perform a failover. Please see the bottom section of the article here for more details: