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Contributor III
Contributor III

Updating Qlik View 12.20 & Qlik Sense 13.82.12


Looking for a little advice.

QV 12.20 and QS 13.82 p4

We need to get QV up to date asap as it's out of support.  The same with Qlik Sense.

What would be a sensible way to do this?  I presume it wouldn't be great to jump directly to the latest release + patch?  

Maybe jump one or two initial releases, test and continue until up to date?
Also, would it be initial release + latest patch or do each patch individually?

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @stukennedy, here you can find detailed information about how to proceed when upgrading Qlik Sense: https://community.qlik.com/t5/Knowledge/Qlik-Sense-Upgrade-Guide-Step-by-Step-plus-common-issues-and... and for Qlik View: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/qlikview/May2021/Subsystems/Server/Content/QV_Server/QlikView-Server/QVS... hope it helps 🙂

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks @Patricia_Silva .  They're quite helpful.
Although, I'd already been looking at them but there's not really any advice on updating from the position that we're in.  Just the method.



HI @stukennedy,

You can upgrade directly from those older QV and QV versions directly to the latest versions (there are plenty of folks who have done so).  You'll need to read and understand all of the Release Notes for the intervening versions between them however as there have been changes to each product.  Also key is thorough testing of the apps and the QV Server/QS Sever functionality in a test environment prior to upgrading your production environments.  There are upgrade guides for both QV and QS:

Qlik Sense Upgrade Guide - Step-by-Step plus common issues and tips include whitepaper and article Qlik Sense Installations and Upgrades Checklist and Resource Compilation

QlikView Upgrade Guide whitepaper

Best Regards

Sr. Technical Support Engineer with Qlik Support
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