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Creator III
Creator III

QlikSenseUtil Version Mismatch

I get version mismatch when restoring my backup with the QlikSenseUtil.exe. I have trippled-check that Ive have the same version on my Backup as the Qlik_Sense_setup.exe, which is May 2022.

I still get: version mismatch: Backup and restore is only supported on the same Qlik Sense version, code=-2146233088

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Creator III
Creator III

Hej @Eugene_Sleator 

I got a answer from your Colleague 😀. Wish you a great weekend!



"Apparently that possible but we dont have any article on the process. Just the info in the read me file

Personally i don't use that tool, i do it manually.

If you are going to use the same name on the server
- you will have to backup the certificate -
- backup Sense DB -
- then restore the certificate -
- and the the DB -

If you are restoring on a server with a different name, you dont need to backup and restore the certificate.

to respond to the other question.
- you need to install May 2022 on the new server
- you test Sense to make sure it is working
- you patch it to the right version
- then you can start the restore process

Because on are on PostgreSQL 9.6 and the new version will be on 12.5 you will get some error but they can be ignore as explain in that article.

Best Regards,

Boris Iwan
Qlik Support"