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Qliksense Cloud Connection Lost

Hİ I am a qliksense cloud user and I have a weird issue sharing an app. I invited a friend to my stream and he accepted. First I made an app and published it and he could see it. It was a simple pie chart. Then I added another single sheet app and published it but this time he can see the app but got connection lost error when clicked the sheet inside the app. When I tried to open the same app I got the same error too. I tried a few things to solve the problem but still could not manage to solve it. Things I tried so far:

1. There is a variable extension object in the app, I erased it and then loaded but didnt work.

2. Tried on different computers and browsers but didnt work

3. Turned off virus protection and tried again but I stii can not manage to open the app still gives both of us connection lost error when clicked the sheet inside the app.

Can anyone help me please ? Is it because I am using the free version ? My app is around 300 kb so I thought I dont need to purchase business version.

Many thanks

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