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Contributor II

Superuser password on RDS

Hi Gurus,

In our environment, postgres for Qlik sense is an AWS RDS instance. Unfortunately, we have lost the password. How can I reset the password?

I tried the traditional method- but of course, as Postgres is not Qlik sense server, commands fail.

Has anyone done this or is there any document I can refer to?

Thank you.

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Hello @ashimdash 

Can you please try the following:

To reset the master user password for an Amazon RDS DB instance, you can: 
  1. Open the Amazon RDS console.
  2. Select Databases.
  3. Select the RDS DB instance, and then choose Modify.
  4. Enter the password that you want to use in the New Master Password field.
  5. Choose Continue, and then choose Modify DB Instance.
You can also change the superuser password in PostgreSQL by: 
  1. Logging in to psql using the postgres database login role.
  2. Issuing the \password command.
  3. Typing a new password when prompted.

You can also change an ordinary user to a superuser in Postgres by using the ALTER USER command with the SUPERUSER attribute:

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Contributor II
Contributor II

I apologize for the late reply. I'll try and update this thread. Thank you for your time.