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Contributor III
Contributor III

Task status explanation

Hi all !

On the QMC/task section, the status can contains some values. We can show these values here

It's not really detailed. We have the possible values but no explanation why we can get them.

And the most questionable one for me is "Reset". Why a reload could finish in a Reset status. I don't understand the "i"nformation on the task.

I also question me on "Queued" and "Skipped".

As we can configure a "Max concurrent reloads" for the scheduler service, I understand that a task coul be in "Qeued" status.

But "Skipped" ??

Thanks for your help !

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Hello @TusharDev_Qlik, I do not know why you're getting that error but maybe I can explain the message: it means that the database record (session) indicates there was a task running on an execution node but when asking the node in question the task isn't actually running there. The database record is therefore corrected by deleting the session.

This message would typically show up after a scheduler service restart.

Creator II
Creator II

hi @martinsandin ,


thank you for the explanation , it was a scheduler service restart which caused the error.