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Creator II
Creator II

Unexpected error during configuration: System.NullReferenceException Error

Hello experts,

Could someone help me with the following error, please?

In my test environment I was working on how to rollback a backup of my Postgres database in order to restore if, for any reason like an upgrade the installation or files get corrupted, we can just restore the backup, so what I did was the following:

  • Create a backup of my Postgres database and the certificates
  • I Upgraded from 2019 November patch 4 to 2020 September patch 4 release
  • I Uninstalled September 2020 release
  • I Installed the November 2019 release (here is where I got the error)

After this, I cannot go further than this, also I tried to install the September 2020 release but I don't have luck, you can see the error in the zip file attached

@Giuseppe_Novello  any idea?

My SO version is windows server 2012 R2



Thanks and regards!

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Click " View log folder" > look for the last log prior it had "_rollback" , possible "dispatcher" > Search "value 3" and this will tell you the actual of why it failed. 


Giuseppe Novello
Principal Technical Support Engineer @ Qlik
Contributor II
Contributor II


For September 2018 and newer:

Option 1:

  • Open the Local Security Policy module
    • Right Click on Run > secpol.msc
  • Navigate to Local Policies > User Rights Assignment:
    • Allow log on locally: Ensure that the Qlik Sense Service account is provisioned this right
    • Deny log on locally: Ensure that the Qlik Sense Service account is not listed there, either directly by name or indirectly by group membership
  • Complete installation of Qlik Sense
  • (Optional): Revert the changes to the rights assignment post installation

Option 2:

  • Install Qlik Sense November 2017 and upgrade to the desired build of Qlik Sense

Option 3:

Install Qlik Sense using its silent installation syntax. See Performing a silent installation with the skipvalidation parameter.