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Qlik Introduces a New Era of Visualization! READ ALL ABOUT IT

Are you looking for a way to consume the latest API updates in the Qlikosphere? Wondering what new tutorials have been added to without having to click the nav banner? Need to find out if you are using the most current version of qlik-cli?

The new developer changelog on is the source for all of this and more! Check out the blog to learn more.

Hi all,

Since the release of earlier this year, the developer platform team has added several features month after month, increasing the overall usability, accessibility, and variety of information on the portal website (see: fall update wrap-up.)

And this month is no different. Along with the usual additions of tutorials, the team has been working on providing an update to the way developers, integrators, and business users consume information related to Qlik's open API platform. Until now, the way you consumed API updates - that is found out about new APIs, changes to existing APIs, and deprecations - is through the API Insights Qlik app. This app provided a way to compare API changes between versions of Qlik Sense but it was very technical. One thing it lacked was context, impact, and timing for when API changes arrived.

Today, we're changing the paradigm to better reflect the software company Qlik has become and will mature into the future.

Introducing the developer changelog. The developer changelog is the new way we are going to communicate updates and changes to Qlik's APIs, introduce tutorials for integration-centric features, and guide you through our ever evolving developer journey.

A screenshot of the developer changelogA screenshot of the developer changelog

The changelog works by monitoring changes in APIs processed through our API governance machinery. When an new API becomes public, the changelog will communicate it. When an API changes, the changelog will help you assess the impact of the change on your solutions. And when we announce deprecation of an API, the changelog will inform you when the API will no longer be available, and how to remediate or refactor your solutions to support a replacement.

In addition, the changelog will announce new releases of developer platform tooling the team provides through Qlik Open Source, and presents another channel for the team to communicate important technical information you want to know regarding Qlik's API strategy. As I mentioned before, the changelog is live today! And while it may not have too much to report at this point, expect a steady stream of updates the rest of this year and well into 2021.

You may be wondering, what's happening to API Insights? In the world of SaaS, change is constant and sometimes rapid and we want to make sure we’re sharing information with you in an open and straightforward way. To that end, the API Insights Qlik Sense application is heading into retirement. The final update of the API Insights app includes Qlik Sense Client Managed Windows September 2020. No more updates to the app are planned. The site, will remain available until the end of 2020. Beginning today, you can download all the qvf files that comprised the API Insights mashup here

If you have questions about the changelog or API Insights, please leave a comment below and we'll get back to you. On behalf of the Developer Platform team, thank you for your continued support and constant push to provide the best developer experience in analytics.