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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

3D Representation in GeoAnalytics

Hi Community!

Actually, I am working in a Qlik Sense project where I have , firstly, the task to convert 3D coordinates from one coordinates system to another, and secondly,  to represent the data with Qlik maps. My question is, can we represent the height in GeoAnalytics map ? Is there an other way to represent 3-dimension data on a map in Qlik ? Because our coordinates are based on latitude-longitude-height or north-est-height.

(For example, can we represent this data (long,lat,h)=(49.54779150, 6.323181283, 217.401) inside a map in Qlik ? for the first two coordinates I know that we can, but for the third one I am still looking for a solution to do it)

Thank you in advance!


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