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Bubble Layer/Chart Layer - Multiple Layers & Scaling

Hi all, 

my first post, so absolute newbie and also just started with Qlikview about a month ago, so please be gentle. I couldn't find a similar topic and couldn't find any answers in the instruction videos. So i hope i can find some answers in the community. 


I'm trying to plot 2 different values on a geomap (i got basic Qlikview 12.20.21 and use pointgeom/default location server) so for example i want to show the amount of repair per sales vs cost per repair sold in a region/country etc. with the bars next to each other using the same scale or a defined scale. 

At the moment whatever i do, multiple bubble or chart layers are always on top of each other and on top of that despite different sums (eg 0.1 repairs per sales / 20 cost per repair) the bars/bubbles are the same size only if i manipulate the max height I can see the two bars (see attached snap shot) but that won't ever give me the right scale. 

I have thought about using dimension in a way that i can plot both with scale, but can't figure out how to arrange the data in alteryx/excel. 

I hope you guys can help, I haven't got any exp with coding and played for 8hrs yesterday and couldn't work it out. 







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You're on the right track, the chart layer expects a second dimension for the types of the measures so it's a data model problem. Compare how to make a grouped bar chart and having the two measures next to each other.

One trick to solve is to use value list for the chart dimension:


and the chart expression to pick the right measure:


See the example.