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Creator III
Creator III

Center map help

I have a map that shades State, County, Zip code by different metrics. The drill-down condition is set so that only one area layer is applied at a time and the dimension for these 3 area layers is a drill-down group of StateID, StateCountyID,CountyZipID. This works great. 

I want to show a heat map once a user has selected a state that is based on separate field (Zip). I already have the Latitude and Longitude values for the zip codes in my data and have specified those fields in the properties. The problem I am having is that my map will center over Asia until a state has been selected. I think it has to do with the fact I have zip codes for Guam, Virgin Islands and Military bases however I am not sure how to keep the map centered over the US. I can't just uncheck the zoom option from the map because I do want to drill down from the high level view.


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There is an option to exclude from auto zoom per layer, it was included in the November 2019 release.

Either use that or filter out the overseas assets.