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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Error creating layer: Syntax error

Hey all,

I am creating a line layer. For some reason it isn't showing in the map-layer.
In the debug description of the map layer it says "Error creating layer: Syntax error"

The layer does work with the same data if some selections are made.

When I create the layer the lines show up without the mouse over and when i refresh its gone completely, showing the error in the debug description. The line layer itself is also shown conditionally (switch condition) and its counterpart is showing just fine with potentially more datapoints.

One difference: the working line layer uses lat and long coordinates, the other lat_long points as start and end points for the line. But again, both work in some cases.

Disabling the info-bubble doesn't help.
There are only two other area layers (country and bin) and a TMS geodata layer, which are all showing fine. Just like the other line layer, if switched to.

I can't figure out what's going wrong. Did someone ran into this error before?
I am on QlikView version 12.20.21002.0 and GeoAnalytics version " September 2019 (5.18.3)" and just noticed the line layer version .txt says "1.16.0 2019-07-04". Is that correct?

EDIT: I guess it has to do something with using a variable as a point coordinate. When i switch to using separate lat and long values it seems to work fine. I still don't know when it works and when it doesn't, using a variable as a point coordinate.

Kind regards,

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I would make a table with the same dimension and measures as in the layer to check why it won't compute. 

Can you post an example?



Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

The data looks fine in a table and works for other charts.

I use

  • a combined dimension that concatenates two dimension of two separate tables linked through the fact table. Each combination has only one start and end point for the line.
  • a variable holding the start point coordinates like $(vStatPoint) resulting in this format [Long,Lat] (decimal separator is '.')
  • a field holding the end point coordinates in the same format as above

I run into this error:


This error does not always show immediately. Sometimes i have to refresh or move the layer itself.

When i change the settings to use separate Lat and Long values it seems to work, so my current settings look like this:

  • same combined dimension
  • a variable holding the start Latitude like $(vLatStart) (decimal separator is ',')
  • Longitude analogous
  • a field holding the end latitude in the same format as above
  • longitude analogous

While playing around with the settings i also ran into this error:


After this error QlikView usually crashed when trying to change anything.


I couldn't replicate this issue with sample data yet.


Thanks and best regards,