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How to set default zoom level in GeoAnalytics map in Qlikview


I am using  GeoAnalytics map for data representation.

Now, if i use the navigation button in the map then my map gets zoomed in, which works perfectly fine.

I am showing the data for U.S.A  

I want when the user logins the map should open to the lower 48 sates and not show Alaska in it on the by default view.

If the user wants to see Alaska he can zoom out and view the data.

But for the by default view Alaska should not be there and the map should be set to default lower 48 states.

Is this functionality possible in Qlik Geo Analytics map?

Can anybody please help on what I need to do to get the same.

Thanks in advance.Remove Alaska from the by default view in Qlik Geo Analytics mapRemove Alaska from the by default view in Qlik Geo Analytics map


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Sure, make another layer and exclude Alaska with set analysis. For example mainland US, location field:
=only({<state-={'AK','HI'}>} state), use that for autozoom and make it transparent. Change your existing layer to no to auto zoom.

Example see sheet "Map insets"