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Creator III
Creator III

Tips on working with heat maps


I've just started to build a map to display the frequency of customers by region, and my idea is to display it as a heat map. I've tweaked a bit with Qliks map object and managed to display the data, but I guess I need to use more layers to display it more "naturally". At this point, the more zoomed out the map is, the worst definition of the "painted area", to the point it becomes a full circle (not natural at all) over the map, even overflowing to the ocean (although if you zoom in, the layer will adapt and cover the correct area).

With that said, I was hoping one could give me some directions on how to achieve a better output and answer some questions:

1. Is it possible to achieve something like this?




2. I'm in Brazil, and the territory is basically divided this way: 1. State, 2. City, 3. County, 4. Neighborhood. Should I work with all of that as layers to guarantee the "heat" don't overflow?


3. Are there any interesting/must-have extensions (paid and/or free) that one should/could use?


4. Do you have any recommendation as for guides, tutorials, courses on this subject?



Thanks in advance.




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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Dear Therealdees, 

Maybe I can help you out. Can you send a printscreen in the comments of how it looks right now? Of can you share a (demo)App?


Joost van Egmond