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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Using coordinates on a raster building plan

Hi everyone,

I'd need help to display plots on building plans.

For instance, on attached file, you have multiple offices, and I'd like my stats to show for my office when I select it.

So, I created an inline table on which I have two fields, the id (e.g. HC_D10_A1_CW1) and the coordonates. The question is : how can I define the coordonates properly ? How can I find the X and the Y info ?

Thanks for helping me.
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Use the image pixels as coordinate system. Note that map origo is bottom left. Most image programs uses top left.

See the example "Map image background" at

If you have several offices, use a field or a variable to toggle between them

load * inline [

office, url

1,  https://....

2, https://...