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Discussion Board for collaboration regarding Qlik GeoAnalytics.

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Welcome to the Qlik GeoAnalytics Community

Hello Qlik Community! - In this section it is recommended that you post your questions, comments and concerns around Qlik GeoAnalytics. Myself and a team of Qlik experts including our valued community members will be monitoring this section on a periodic basis and we will do our best to help. If you are new to Qlik GeoAnalytics I suggest you start with the main page of the forum: Qlik GeoAnalytics Community which links out to may different resources that can get you started. You can also quickly jump to some introductory information and primer videos:

Don't forget if you have a Qlik support contract it is recommended to contact Qlik support first for product issues. However, our members and employee also have the skills to troubleshoot and at times can possibly assist.

When working in the Qlik Community please remember the following if you receive a satisfactory answer to your question:

When applicable please mark the appropriate replies as CORRECT. This will help community members and Qlik employees know which discussions have already been addressed and have a possible known solution. Please mark threads as HELPFUL if the provided solution is helpful to the problem, but does not necessarily solve the indicated problem. You can mark multiple threads as HELPFUL if you feel additional info is useful to others.

I suggest newer Qlik Community members watch this video Welcome to the Qlik Sense Community Forum (video) - to gain some quick tips and tricks to work better and effectively in the Qlik Community.

I look forward to joining your conversation! Have fun!


Michael Tarallo (@mtarallo) | Twitter


Mike Tarallo
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