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Conversing with General Hospital


If you weren't already aware I published a mocked set of data for new users to play with and learn modeling and scripting techniques with called General Hospital. Check it out here. 

But check this out ... now I've kicked it up a notch. With the help of our partner Crunchbot AI you can now check out the data from General Hospital via Conversational Analytics. That's right. You simply ask questions and Crunchbot provides you the answers. Here is the best part ... you can ask them where you work. From the hub. From inside an app. Or embedded into some other workflow or messaging service. You can watch a recent webinar I conducted to catch up quickly by clicking here

Here are my top 3 reasons why you might want to check this out

1. There are users who don't want to find the hub, scroll to a stream, pick the 12'th app and go to the 3rd screen to find a chart. They are standing at an elevator or sitting in a meeting room and they just want to ask a question. 

2. It is built on top of Qlik Sense. So you aren't just getting answers about the data, you are getting answers based on the governance you add to applications via Master Dimensions and Master Measures. 

3. If you are a QlikView customer still struggling to understand what Qlik Sense offers that QlikView doesn't this is the perfect chance to find out. You now have a solution to provide access to those Business Analysts who ask questions faster than your QlikView development team can create change requests.

Under the covers Crunchbot AI utilizes some really cool technology. I don't want to spend too much time writing about them so if technology is your jam just click on any of the terms and you will get more details about that technology. 

I hear ya. "Quit teasing me and just let me get my hands on it." Well hear you go. Simply click this link and you can have your first conversation with data.  The bot will prompt you for your name and email address, then it will send you a token CrunchBotTrialHelp.pngso that it knows who you are. On the left side of the screen you will find help information and some suggestions for questions you can ask. But don't let you imagine stop with the basics. If you follow the link above for the General Hospital Data Model image you will get an idea for what other data the application contains. Ask about any of it. Ask the questions you would want the answers to if it was your data.



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