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General Hospital Master Patient ID's

The fictitious General Hospital data set includes quite a bit of information. Information that would be typical of an Inpatient healthcare system. But the goal of the General Hospital project goes beyond that data. We are hoping that others/partners in the Healthcare space extend the data set to Ambulatory, Outpatient settings etc.

Towards that goal this file is the list of Master Patient ID's that are used within the General Hospital data model. We chose the field name Master Patient ID to be the key because we are advocates for much greater interoperability between electronic record systems and with the ever changing landscape moving towards integrated systems and ACO's it just made sense as a field name.

If you wish to extend the data model all you need to do is map/create the same field name with the same values in your data set and remove any references to the "real" patients.

Please reach out to Dalton.Ruer@Qlik.Com if you would be willing to share your extended data with others and he can assist verifying that no real patient data is enclosed and will upload to the base General Healthcare Blog post and give you/your organization credit. And will give you a pat on the back, virtually of course.

It's as easy as that to grow this fictitious health system.

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