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General Hospital

General_Hospital_Qlik_Healthcare_Solutions_Logo_1.jpgHave you ever had to continually generate fake data sets that you could use to perform training with, do workshops with, do demo applications from or use as examples when learning new features/functions/visuals?


Well that's pretty much the life of the Qlik Healthcare Solution Architect team. So we decided to solve that problem for me and any others that may face the same issue.


We utilized a combination of data generated by Mockaroo as well as other data sources to form the base files of a fictitious health system we are calling General Hospital.


The goal of the project is to grow this to include many other resources that surround it like additional data sets, workshops, and applications.


How can you play along? Glad you asked.


Want to see a walkthrough video of everything and how this can be used? Watch this session on the Qlik General Hospital: Qlik Technical Thursday - November.


If you want to practice your Data Modeling skills you will want to download the base CSV files. Click here to get the base CSV data set:


If you want to have some example code that pulls the base CSV files and implements various data modeling techniques to see one approach we have prepared a QlikView and a Qlik Sense solution you can download:

Click here to get the QlikView application that will load the base CSV files and create Layer 2 vers...

Click here to get the Qlik Sense application that will load the base CSV files and create Layer 2 ve...


If you want to skip the data modeling step and jump right into visualizing by using the layer 2 data, we have prepared both a CSV and QVD version of the data for you:

Click here to get the Layer 2 CSV files.

Click here to get the Layer 2 QVD files‌.


But wait there's more! We have already built very basic load scripts for you to load the Layer 2 QVD data files in both QlikView and Qlik Sense if you want to start there:

Click here to get the QlikView application that will load the Layer 2 QVD files.

Click here to get the Qlik Sense application that will load the Layer 2 QVD files.


But wait thanks to marmentrout5‌ we now have a SQL Server BAK file with the data so you can play in SQL Server environment.

Click here to to get the General Hospital data set in a SQL Server BAK file


Applications: As we create applications that utilize this data we will make them available here:

On Demand Application Generation - Click here to get access to the General Hospital ODAG application samples that were used as part of ...


Just because we love you ... we have also created several image files that you can download to utilize for your own resources.

Click here to get the base General Hospital image

Click here to get the General Hospital Logo image

Click here to get an image of the General Hospital data model


Conversational Analytics

Blah blah blah a bar chart with readmission data. You are the kind of person that wants to talk to this data. You mastered Guided Analytics as an infant. You cut your teeth on Governed Self Service Analytics. What you you want to know is move towards Conversational Analytics and if you click this link you can begin that learning process. One of my Tech Thursday presentations was on that very subject. Natural Language Understanding? Natural Language Processing? Natural Language Generation? Artificial Intelligence? Yep they are all there and best part is it's for the General Hospital campus you are familiar with. Click here to check it out. 

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Former Employee
Former Employee

General_Hospital_Qlik_Healthcare_Solutions_Logo_1.jpgThis is extremely useful for:

  • sandbox data
  • developing prototypes
  • testing concepts
  • self-evaluations
  • education

It is recommended you provide us your feedback on what can make this data model better. We are also looking for data sets you are able to share that can enhance this data model. Please contact Dalton or myself (Greg Williams) if you want to contribute.


Additional data can be added pretty easily by simply using our existing Master Patient ID"s and this...We will make your life easy by letting you simply drop all your "real patient" information and simply tie to our MPI's.