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Airtable REST API connection to QlikSense

Goal: To connect the database on Airtable to QlikSense via the REST API and retrieve more that 100 records using pagination. 

Problem: Unable to retrieve more than 100 records at a time using the REST API Airtbale provides. 

We use Airtable to manage our databases and there is a need to visualize our data through Qlik. Airtable provides a REST API and Qlik provides a data source connector. Even though we are able to connect to the database via the REST API the main issue arises when we have to retrieve all records in the database. This has to do with the Airtable pagination. 

Airtable only allows 100 records to be retrieved and if more needs to be retrieved pagination needs to be used. Airtable provides a pagination type of offset however doesn’t provide additional details. 

The two ways we’ve been trying to approach this issue is through the. 

  1. The Qlik data engine

pasted image 0.png

           2. Using the Qlik connection tool

The issue that’s been run in to constantly with this approach is that it says the ‘total fields path isn’t mentioned’

The connection works however the following error is displayed

pasted image 0 (1).png


unnamed (1).png




2 Replies
Creator II
Creator II

1. Get the max count of records in your table using key Records
2. put the count in variable
3. use the variable in your url


Buonasera, sto utilizzando il connettore api rest di qliksense per connettermi ad airtable ma qualunque sforzo faccia, ottengo sempre 100 record. Per favore se avete il codice qliksense, lo postate? Sarebbe meraviglioso per me ! Grazie