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App does not load after reopening it using IOS


We developed a PWA with mashup Qlik Sense app and we have a specific behaviour only using IOS.

*No issues are faced when using Android.

*Qlik Sense is set to logon by form


1 - Open app

2- Authentication at Qlik page

3 - App navigation

4- Exit app (not closing the app, just went to home screen)

5 - Click app icon at home screen just a few seconds after

6 - Authentication page again

7 - App does not load (blank screen)

* Issue is solved only after cache cleaning

Any mashup Ninja to help ?


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Dear Rafael,

     When there is a mashup and differenct authentication page, you must or shuld configure a SSO environment, because each user request will send a communication between web page and QS.

     Just a simple test, try to change for default authentication method (Windows Logon) and re-run the steps.

Ricardo Gerhard
OEM Solution Architect