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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Create method


I am exploring the creation of custom visualisations, using the capability API.

I am facing a problem when creating a dynamic pivot table.



        function (qlik) {

            return {

                support: {

                    snapshot: true,

                    export: true,

                    exportData: false


                paint: function ($element) {

                    $element.html("<div qv-extension id='myTable'></div>");

                    var app = qlik.currApp();

                    var options = {

                        qHyperCubeDef: {

                            qSuppressZero: true,

                            qMode: "P",

                            qShowTotalsAbove: true,

                            qIndentMode: true,

                            qAlwaysFullyExpanded: false,

                            qNoOfLeftDims: 2,

                            qInitialDataFetch: [{

                                    qWidth: 2,

                                    qHeight: 1000



                        title: 'My code generated pivot-table'


                    var selectedFields = [

                        {qLibraryId: "jpgm", qType: "dimension"},

                        {qLibraryId: "RXHnxGJ", qType: "dimension"},

                        {qLibraryId: "XzkbUQj", qType: "measure"},

                        {qLibraryId: "PVkSbPD", qType: "measure"}


                    app.visualization.create('pivot-table', selectedFields, options).then(function (visual) {

                        window.visual = visual;



                    //needed for export

                    return qlik.Promise.resolve();




This renders a chart that has a container with no height and therefore, the chart does not show up unless if i force a height to it. And still, it only shows one row.

Why does this happen?

Thank you for the help!

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As far as I know you need to set a height.

Erik Wetterberg

Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

A hard-coded height? as in css? or in the properties?


Since Qlik Sense visualizations will fill the element you give them, you need to set the size with css.

Erik Wetterberg