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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III

Dependencies on /api/about/ requests?

Does anyone know what is dependent on the /api/* requests, such as:

  • https://host/prefix/api/about/v1/components
  • https://host/prefix/api/about/v1/systeminfo
  • https://host/prefix/api/about/v1/language
  • https://host/prefix/api/v0/features
  • https://host/prefix/api/v1/csrf-token

I don't like  announcing the version numbers of neither Qlik Sense, its features nor any of its components.


The documentation, such as does not say anything about its purpose, or what it is being used for.


What do I risk if I don't permit any /prefix/api/* calls through my reverse proxy?


Best regards,

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Contributor II
Contributor II

"I don't like  announcing..."
I completely agree. Security risk.

Any luck with this question? Thanks.