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Embedding Visualization to internal website - Can people view the visuals without a token?

Hello all,

My organization has an internal website where we display our analytics. I have built a dashboard to visualize the KPIs and have embedded that visuals in the website with the help of 'Qlik's single configurator'. Now, people who already have access token to Qlik Sense can see the visuals and interact with it. But people who do not have access, can't see it. Are there ways to embed qlik sense apps/pages/visuals into a website and make it visible for anyone who opens the website?


I have done basic research and found that mostly the answer to the question above is no. If it truly is not possible for people to view the embedded visuals without access, are there ways in which we can dynamically assign access tokens to anyone who gets on the website? (I understand that this also could mean providing dynamic access token to view the app in Qlik Sense hub as well)

If you could suggest a way where I could allow the embedded Qlik object visible to maximum audience, it will be really helpful.

Appreciate your help!



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