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Expression Scripts GIT Integration - Optimal Workflow?


we are using Qlik Sense in a team of several developers. As long as there is one person of Qlik Frontend/Backend and one person for the Database/ETL part, it's cool. Now we thought, let's put the ETL scripts and the Backend part of Qlik in GIT to have version control. Fine works...

Now about that "Expression Editor" - that's not a good idea to me. It's possible to have variables in external files/scripts, but if changed it's needed to reload basically all data in Qlik? Do we use it wrong? Our data load takes around 10 minutes, which means every little change would result in waiting time. Now I checked out different approaches, but after all, having those variables/scripts externally just results in waiting time.

Our setup: e.g. Jira > ETL > DB > Qlik

Actual problem: Changes are not visible to the other devs, merge issues, no code review/comment option, no DIFF

Now questions are:

- Is there a productive and useful workflow for GIT Integration after all? I know there is a Chrome extension but as far as I understand there is only one developer maintaining it, which is not an option...

- Is there a way to somehow decrease the loading time drastically to a few seconds? Maybe by separating the data from the visualization part?

- In the expression scripts we basically use filters for certain DB tags and fields. Is that maybe the wrong place? Is that totally fine?

- How do you deal with those issues? 

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