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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

External Program Task - check for failure

I've created an External Program Task that runs a Windows batch file.  The batch file is hosted on the Qlik server. 

Current State

I can start the task in QMC.  This runs the batch file and the status of the task in QMC is 'Success'.

Desired State

I want to update the process so that the batch file can indicate to the QMC task whether it succeeded or failed.  This would be shown in QMC in the  state of the External Program Task.  It would also mean that I can have a task in QMC that is triggered when the External Program Task fails.


I have tried using: 

exit /b 1

 in the batch file to indicate an error but the status of the External Program Task is still success.

Is there a way for the batch file to exit in a way that changes the status of the External Program Task to Failed?

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